Biodiversity inventory for conservation
  • Belgium, Cambodia, Ethiopia, French Guiana, Honduras, Madagascar, Malawi, Malta, Mozambique, Papua New Guinea
  • Since 2008
  • Biodiversity inventory and monitoring

organisation description

Biodiversity inventory for conservation

BINCO, the acronym for “Biodiversity Inventory for Conservation”, is a Belgian-based organization with expertise in biodiversity assessment and monitoring. BINCO is a consortium of seasoned field biologists and scientists that provide a framework for engaged people to develop biodiversity projects. We have an international engagement to conserve our natural capital. The unprecedented decline of biodiversity on a global scale is no longer news. Human’s growing presence in this world has already driven uncountable species to extinction. With many more species disappearing every day, now is the time to act. To preserve the remaining biodiversity, a first fundamental step is to acquire a sound knowledge of which species live where.